How to Create a Custom Coloring Book with Curious Custom

Creating your custom coloring book is easy, fast and fun when you work with Curious Custom! Follow the simple steps below and you'll be on your way to creating your very own custom coloring book in no time!

Step 1: Request your quote

There are a few factors that we take into consideration when providing you with a quote. These factors include the number of pages in your book, the size of your book, and if you desire printed copies the number of printed/bound books you'd like to receive. We offer great discounts on bulk orders so the more copies you need the better the price on a per book basis!

If you do NOT want printed copies (meaning you'll be printing them on your own) then the number of pages can be anything. If you DO want printed copies then please keep in mind that all books have a page number divisible by 4, 8, 12, 16, etc. 

Step 2: Receive your quote

Once your request is received I will personally send you a quote via email within a few hours. This quote will detail the cost of designing your book, as well as any printing costs based on your request. 

Step 3: Agreements and Invoicing 

Once you decide to move forward with your book we will send you a basic agreement to sign as well as an invoice for your project. Since all of our work is 100% custom made we do request payment in full prior to designing the book. 

Step 4: Images 

You're welcome to start sending me images at any point! You can send them to me via email, or I am happy to set you up with a Google Drive folder where all of your images, as well as a document with any text you would like in your book can be easily stored in an organized manner. 

If you have any notes for the artist you can simply let us know, and most adjustments can be made without additional costs. But we do ask for images for each page represented since all pages are hand-drawn based on your images. We do NOT use computer generated graphics for our coloring pages, everything is completely drawn by hand by the artist. 

Step 5: We create your book!

Once all of the images for your coloring book have been received and we know exactly what you'd like to be included in the book, we get right to work on designing your custom coloring book! Our artists hand draw each and every page for you, add any text and create your custom covers. 

Step 6: Proof approval

Once we've completed the artwork design for your book we will send you a PDF copy of your book for approval. If you have any edits you can let us know and we will make those edits for you. One round of basic revisions (edits to the text, minor changes to the art, etc) are included at no extra cost. If you decide you would like to swap out an image for a new one then that will incur an additional page redesign fee of approximately $40-$50. 

Step 7: Printing and Binding 

Once you've approved the final PDF of your artwork we send the artwork off to our printing team and they print, bind and deliver your work!

Our delivery dates are guaranteed, and standard turnaround time is 9 business days. If you are in a rush we can deliver books in as little as 24-48 hours with a rush fee. 

And that's it!! After you receive your books you are welcome to do whatever you like with your books...sell them, use them as promotional products, give them to friends and family...whatever your heart desires!

To request your custom quote and get started on your coloring book today, click here!